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be PRetty visible

Our opportunities:

  • full support of advertising activity of the company
  • research of the market
  • development of advertising strategy
  • preparation and carrying out of advertising actions (planning, the budget);
  • development of design and manufacturing of advertising production (handbills and booklets, breadboard models for press)
  • preparation of media-strategy for the concrete advertising action and further its realization in mass-media;
  • accommodation of advertising in the underground(metro) in Minsk;
  • Work about the Internet a site of the enterprise: reconstruction of a site, creation of a new site, filling, registration of a domain name, accommodation and a hosting;
  • the help in participation in specialized exhibitions (work with the stand, the organization of work of promoters and other);
  • manufacturing and accommodation of audio of advertising on leading radio stations of the country with good conditions (there are attractive discounts for radio stations, such as: " Alpha Radio", " Russian Radio ", radio " Unistar ", radio "ba" and others.);
  • Assistance on accommodation TV-of advertising on leading TV channels of the country;
  • full support of the outdoor advertising across Minsk(billboards, advertising objects ets. ): development of projects of advertising designs, the coordination and certification of advertising objects in the state structures, manufacturing of a design and installation.
  • Work on preparation and carrying out of presentations in leading clubs of Minsk such as: "Goodwin", "Millennium", "Zhuravinka", etc. (carrying out of a seminar, show-program, a buffet table);

The complex approach

Your firm promptly develops? You do not have marketing division, but complex advertising is necessary to you? Our studio approaches to the decision of such questions. All begins with a writing of marketing strategy for your enterprise, then its statement with a management and the subsequent full embodiment in a life (the full list of our possibilities see above). Also in a complex we solve following problems: - the Conclusion to the market of the new goods. - Increase in sales volumes. - Creation of a unique image of the goods/service. - to Inform to your target audience the information on a product/service. In this case, realising gravity of tasks in view, we offer you advertising-information partnership.


Anniversary of firm? Presentation? An exhibition? A seminar?

Qualitative souvenir production with corporate symbolics is necessary for you? You wish to place your logo on the unusual carrier, to make impression upon the partner and unostentatiously to remind it of your company? We will give to you production of the best world manufacturers of souvenir production. We place corporate symbolics as on usual carriers, such as handles, lighters, hours, umbrellas, charms, the electronic technics, note products and plastic calendars, and on special, the VIP, under the order of the client. Pleasant business souvenirs will lift prestige of your company in the opinion of the potential customer. We offer various визитницы, computer souvenirs, gift sets and personal gifts and many other things. The gift with your firm symbolics not only will make pleasant impression upon the partner, but also will remind daily unostentatiously of your company. With its help you will create positive perception of the goods offered by you and services. On souvenir production you can receive more detailed information having contacted us.

Conferences and presentations

The organisation of conferences by own forces demands from the companies of notable expenses of time and human resources. These expenses are capable to paralyse work of many departments for a long time. Therefore the majority of the companies prefers, that the organisation of conferences for them was carried out by skilled contractors. First, in this case there is a confidence of good result and accurate observance of terms. Secondly, own resources of the company remain free for primary activity. It is convenient: you should not address in some разнопрофильных firms and to co-ordinate their work.

We will carry out design, we will spend допечатную preparation and other. Nuances of process: the organisation of conferences, as a rule, is entrusted to experts. After all only for it real cost of accompanying services is known. Not a secret that some restaurants unfairly overestimate quotations. If it is a question of a solemn banquet on a considerable quantity of persons, the difference can be notable. Besides, the organisation of conferences is impossible without transport, equipment (projectors, plasma panels, etc.), actors-leaders and many other things. All it develops in the budget which can be optimum only from giving of the professionals knowing a conjuncture of pricing.
At the organisation of conferences correct selection of a place for action is important. The hall should correspond to a discussion theme, to be spacious enough, conveniently located and to suppose possibility of a small buffet table or coffee-break nearby. A building in which there is a conference hall, and space surrounding it should correspond to action level. Action can make impression, only if it is organised with skill. It is especially important, when the organisation of conferences is required – after all it is the kind of activity combining in representation, organising and supervising functions. We incur all works on the organisation of conferences, from working out and the press of polygraphy before registration of a hall and the invitation of leaders.


Working out of media - of the plan of an advertising campaign and the control over its realisation.

Manufacturing of dummies for the publication on edition technical requirements. A writing advertising - information articles. Placing of advertising-information materials: - direct advertising - articles as advertising Distribution of your printing advertising-information production (booklets, leaflets, флаерсы, etc.) with circulations of periodicals. Granting of considerable discounts for payment of advertising materials.

We have a possibility to place advertising-information materials of our clients on as much as possible favourable conditions. About скидочной and the price policy, terms of placing of advertising-information materials, manufacturing of dummies for the publication, etc. you can receive the information, having contacted our manager.

The outdoor advertising

At first sight, the elementary word-combination "outdoor advertising" incorporates a considerable quantity constrution, kinds and technologies. The sense "outdoor advertising" can be characterised short, one offer: Any advertising surfaces, various kinds, forms and the manufacturing techniques, placed in a city and visually accessible to the consumer is and there is an outdoor advertising. We give a full complex of services: from the coordination of the passport of advertising in state bodies before full manufacturing and design installation. We offer our clients: manufacturing of signboards, light boxes, volume letters, window dressing, registration and manufacturing of stands for exhibitions, placing of your advertising on panel board designs of Minsk the large-format press on a banner fabric, vinyl films, a grid and others. The Outdoor advertising is today dynamically developing segment of the advertising market. By efficiency and productivity the outdoor advertising is included into a three of leaders of giving of advertising, it is comparable to TV advertising and advertising in mass-media.


Site creation. Working out of the concept of a site. On the basis of results of marketing researches we will develop recommendations about optimum structure a web of sites. What site of a kind we create? How the site should look? To define requirements to contents. How the site often should be updated? What kind of updating are planned? Who will presumably update a site? Structure working out web a site. Working out of design of a site. Creation of decorating of a site of the main and typical pages of a site (design working out) is offered to the Customer the art decision of execution of design taking into account a colour palette of a logo of firm and a corporate style. Even nobody will visit perfectly made site without advertising on the Internet. We will offer you specially developed concept of an advertising campaign on the Internet which will be as much as possible effective for your firm, considering specificity of your business. We will help you to choose those means of carrying out of advertising campaigns which will bring real return, having minimised expenses. Also we render services in working out of advertising banners and their placing both on leading information portals of the country, and on thematic sites.


It is conventional that TV advertising, despite high absolute cost, provides the least price of one contact and possesses the widest coverage. Among positive characteristics of television advertising: Complex influence on an audience – a combination of a visual number and a soundtrack. Possibility «to tell story» - the plot promotes the best storing of the advertising message. Ability to transfer a wide spectrum of emotions – an optimum format for имиджевой advertising. Within the limits of working out of an advertising campaign for our clients, we are ready to offer services in manufacturing and TV advertising placing, including, in regions.


Radio as the advertising carrier possesses a number of features:

Covers such categories of people which are unattainable (let temporarily) by such media as TV and the press (motorists, office workers having a rest). Radio stations have an audience which kernel is made by constant listeners. Term of manufacturing of radio of a roller is very insignificant that allows to make changes to the advertising message operatively. From conclusive advantages of radio: wide coverage (including regional audiences), efficiency "Selectivity" because of a stable audience. Our studio has attractive discounts for placings for leading radio stations of Byelorussia (such as the Radio Alpha, Radio VA, Radio Junistar, Russian Radio and others) that, certainly, will cut your expenses on advertising. We also are ready to offer you creation of a radio roller of any complexity and in кротчайшие terms: Information - the data given by the client read under music or accompanied by special effects. Game - the original text (a game monologue or dialogue), 2 or 3 participants in the poetic or dialogue form under music represent the information. Special effects, more difficult звукомонтаж. Musical - original music, the original text (verses to an advertising song or a rhymed phrase with the name of a product/name of the company/slogan/phone: a game monologue or dialogue), 1-2 actor or the singer, special effects, difficult звукомонтаж. Имиджевый - not always a musical roller; there are no phones, addresses, advertising is directed only addressed to mark, a product, them запоминаемость and recognition. As alternative to a radio roller we also offer the organisation of game show with prizes on the air that also has the big resonance at an audience.


Whether you conduct business correspondence or participate in negotiations, whether read magazine or look date in a calendar – you use day by day polygraphic production. Kinds of polygraphic production can be divided into groups: Advertising polygraphy:Листовки, posters, booklets, prospectuses, stickers. Multipage editions: Catalogues, brochures Calendars: Quarter calendars, пирамидки, small houses, перекидные desktop and wall calendars P.O.S. - advertising materials in points of sale: posters, dispensers, мобайлы, garlands, flags, shelvstalkers, price lists, wobblers, models, монетницы, displays, ростовые figures. Business polygraphy: Cards, firm forms, notebooks, the envelopes, self-copied documents, folders, invitations and cards. Applied polygraphy: Packing, a label, loose leaves for CD, tickets, posters Presentation production: Folders folders, folders of offers, desktop presentation folders, cases Polygraphic souvenirs: Paper packages, puzzles, transformers, кубари. Our studio offers clients a full cycle of manufacture of polygraphic production. Our designer will embody your wishes, ideas in an original, stylish breadboard model. Our manager will place your order in printing house, carrying out a complete control of all production phases of polygraphic production – from the control of a conclusion of films before acceptance of ready circulation. The printed circulation we deliver to the address specified by you, i.e. You should not distract from your business, unless slightly on the coordination of breadboard models. Everything that you will order we will execute.

design and creative

In a literal translation from English language “creative” means creativity, creation something. After an idea birth the question on its embodiment is brought up. The embodiment can be any, but in its basis visual representation of the goods/service always lies. Working out of idea and its visual embodiment is and there is "creative" in our understanding. We will help you to receive a qualitative creative and its embodiment at the small budget, allowing to pay to your brand attention of potential consumers, and at the same time to allocate it in the market of similar production. To check up how much developed creative corresponds initially to a task in view to you the inexpensive and qualitative system of an estimation both new, and already existing visual images which is offered you by our studio is necessary. For a full embodiment creative ideas we offer you services in the field of working out of elements of a corporate style, graphic design, web-design and multimedia.